SEO Strategy

If you’re looking at really strengthening your online presence overall we can offer our wealth of experience to help you take a long term approach to gaining more business online.

SEO audits and keyword optimisation can produce great results, but if you’re really looking to be consistent and give all of your content a great head start whenever it is published you need to take a longer term approach and develop a SEO Strategy.

This generally involves some more traditional marketing methods where you go out and seek to raise your profile on other websites.  This is often referred to as linkbuilding and its purpose is to increase your website’s reputation with Google.

Think about websites like Apple, Amazon and the BBC.  Whenever they publish new content it invariably rises straight to the top for whatever searches are relevant.  This is because when they publish something it invariably gets linked to and talked about from potentially millions of sources.  This tells Google that whenever they release new content it is likely to be of interest to searchers and so the reputation of the site alone will often push it onto the first page of results, if not directly to the top.

With the right strategy for increasing your website reputation you will find your content becomes easier to find without having to do so much work to then get it to the top of the results.

By contacting other websites and asking them to promote your product or service, or by creating attention seeking press releases to gain news headlines in newspapers or trade journals, a search engine will begin to see that other reputable websites are talking about you.  This will also lead to other websites finding you in these places and talking about you and linking back again.

Over time this gradually builds a web of trust around your website that means a search engine will happily give your content a boost whenever it finds it in addition to the strength of your content’s relevancy.  Together, it can make an unstoppable combination that will push your website above the competition.

We are happy to help you work out your best approach and assess your current reputation and where it can be improved.

Our other services

Website health check

Website Health Check

We’ll go through your site and evaluate its technical SEO health. At the end we’ll hand you a list of what needs to be fixed, which you can tackle yourself or allow us to take care of it.

Keyword optimisation

Keyword Optimisation

You give us a page and we’ll optimise it for your desired keywords. If you’re not sure of your industries SEO landscape, we can do the research for you and offer our best advice.

Increase conversion rate

Increase conversion rate

We’ll analyse your website usage and customer behaviour and turn visitors into purchasers.

Content creation

Content Creation

To increase traffic from SEO or to focus in on converting certain customers we can work with you to create targeted content, unique to your business.

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