Keyword Optimisation

You give us a page and we’ll optimise it for your desired keywords. If you’re not sure of your industries SEO landscape, we can do the research for you and offer our best advice.

For potential visitors to find you, you need to know what they are looking for.  We can do this research for you and tell you what your website should be targeting with its content.

If you already know what keywords you want to target, but need to improve the placement of a specific page in the search engine rankings, we can give you advice on what you can do as well as offer our expert services to get it done.

We can optimise existing content for your keywords or create it from scratch as necessary.  We always research any content by looking at your competitors and those already ranking really well to ensure we can offer something different, so that it is seen as a valuable addition to the search results by potential visitors and search engines.

Quality of content is a key factor when it comes to doing well in searches and this is a big focus for us in helping you market your business in ways you perhaps hadn’t thought of previously, or don’t have the skills in-house to make it happen.

We can either perform a one-off optimisation task or also offer ongoing progress reports and continuously improve the page to achieve the desired result.  Monitoring your placement in search results is important because most search engines are always refining the process for identifying the best content and this means that positions can sometimes change drastically overnight, which could cost your business money if not identified quickly.

Acknowledging that most online searches now take place on mobile devices Google has begun rollout of a separate search listing for these devices. This means that depending on your website’s compatibility with mobile devices, your ranking could be much different in the mobile index than the traditional results.  In some cases, if you move quicker than you competitors, your ranking in the mobile index could be better.  We can monitor and report on both the traditional search results and the mobile.

Our other services

Website health check

Website Health Check

We’ll go through your site and evaluate its technical SEO health. At the end we’ll hand you a list of what needs to be fixed, which you can tackle yourself or allow us to take care of it.

SEO strategy

SEO Strategy

If you’re looking at really strengthening your online presence overall we can offer our wealth of experience to help you take a long term approach to gaining more business online.

Increase conversion rate

Increase conversion rate

We’ll analyse your website usage and customer behaviour and turn visitors into purchasers.

Content creation

Content Creation

To increase traffic from SEO or to focus in on converting certain customers we can work with you to create targeted content, unique to your business.

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