Content Creation

To increase traffic from SEO or to focus in on converting certain customers we can work with you to create targeted content, unique to your business.

Your value is in the unique approach of your business in what is often a crowded marketplace.  We can work with you to create content that expresses this individuality and sets you apart from the lazy websites that just copy each other and wonder why they aren’t rising above anyone else.

Search engines value that individuality too and if your website has a voice and a perspective that is different to your competitors it will reward you for being unique.

One way of doing this is the creation of landing pages.  These are uniquely focused to target specific searches and can also be used to support your online advertising campaigns.

This might involve shareable content that you yourself may have come across such as infographics, videos, animations, 360° product images and many other engaging ways intended to grab the attention of the visitor and encourage them to action or at the least make an impression that may lead to return visits in the future.

This approach allows you to catch the visitor at whatever stage of the buying cycle they may be, whether it’s Awareness, Consideration or Purchase [1]. Knowing who your audience is also makes for more effective content and we will work with you to identify your potential audiences and their needs.

Our other services

Website health check

Website Health Check

We’ll go through your site and evaluate its technical SEO health. At the end we’ll hand you a list of what needs to be fixed, which you can tackle yourself or allow us to take care of it.

Keyword optimisation

Keyword Optimisation

You give us a page and we’ll optimise it for your desired keywords. If you’re not sure of your industries SEO landscape, we can do the research for you and offer our best advice.

SEO strategy

SEO Strategy

If you’re looking at really strengthening your online presence overall we can offer our wealth of experience to help you take a long term approach to gaining more business online.

Increase conversion rate

Increase conversion rate

We’ll analyse your website usage and customer behaviour and turn visitors into purchasers.

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